Thursday, November 30, 2017

Establish your own Ethical label

 Environmental pollution, water contamination & other health hazards are some issues resulting from the clothing industry. Given the amount of issues created by the Fashion industry, it becomes extremely important today to establish and include ‘Sustainable Fashion’.  Developing a business that has least social & environment   impact involves techniques to be mastered.
Whether you are one of those aspiring entrepreneur, or interested to build a conscious fashion brand or someone who wants to contribute to the environment by producing responsibly or you are just keen to set yourself apart from the existing market players, you are on the right place.
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Fashion Nex, as a appreciator of Sustainable Fashion has collected some ideas & organized them in a manner that will help you develop an insight to make your ethical label stand out from the crowd

  • Mission Driven

For any sustainable fashion label, it’s important to be clear about your ‘why.’ What exactly is your mission? What are the ethical values attached to the purpose. How & what kind of responsible is your business ? Mission is something that has to developed long before the business initiates

  • Market Segment

Age, Location and preferences of the end-users is vital to every business. Ethical business is a business of its kind where it is further important to analyse the demographics towards Sustainable Fashion. Making your research robust, you can set a successful business in your targeted segment.

  • Sourcing rare , unique & comfort clothing

Searching people into manufacturing responsibly is quite a task. But keep exploring options, make yourself resourceful to match these fashion needs of consumers. When we have a common goal that holds moral importance, it attracts many to people to help & source.

  • Design

Once all the targets are well defined & materials are received, it is very important to get them designed by implementing a unique concept. Design decision also consists of matching fabrics with specific designs. Illustrations & patterns on ethical fabric is different to the common design decision taken in the Fashion industry

  • Supply

Once again your research done on the demographics comes into picture. Extensive the result, easier it becomes to determine where to supply. When it comes to ethical labels, ‘trust’ is the most important factor to success.

  • Promotion

While Launching & promoting the brand, make sure to focus on the USP.  Make sure to use social media tools to spread and position your brand.  The digital world offers us variety of options to increase Brand Presence. Social media, email marketing & marketing via Influencers are few to name.

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