Monday, January 13, 2014

Eco-friendly jewellery is the latest trend

Jewellery has always been a desired part of our existence, from the rich and powerful to the average worker on the street. Be it a man or a woman, old or young, people have always loved to adorn themselves with beautiful accessories.

Unfortunately however, these days, most jewellery comes from a very sad and scary unconscious place. While some come from warfare and bloodshed, others come after damaging fragile ecosystems that damage the environment. This is why people today are increasingly going for what is known as eco-friendly jewellery because for them, living 'environmentally conscious' has become a part of life.

Eco-friendly jewellery is made from materials which are from both recycled and renewable resources. Materials can come from old jewellery, from nature, such as recycled coconut and seashells, or recycled materials from any piece of junk that you can think of. "Imagination is the only limitation regarding materials and design," says Palak Narayanen, a jewellery design. She also adds, "Eco-friendly jewellery is an expression of your own eco-consciousness. It is the desire to conserve, the desire to be connected to the protection of the earth and the desire to make a difference. Remember, the energy that is put into that piece is what you are wearing on your skin."
By purchasing and wearing eco-friendly jewellery, you are not only wearing beautiful art, but also serving a purpose. Jewellery made from things that are already in existence decreases the need to further damage the planet. So when you are getting ready to purchase a piece of jewellery, think about where it comes from and how it was made. 
Eco-friendly jewellery is available easily today. They are inspired by nature and use materials that would most likely have ended up in a landfill had they not been repurposed into jewellery.

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