Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to take care of your ethnic wear!!

Celebrating the remarkable return of the legendary silk fabric, many of you must have already stocked up a large number of silk sarees. But the main quest starts when you are supposed to maintain them. Well here are some tips that will help you maintain your treasured silk sarees.
  • Never try to wash them at home, always rely on an expert dry cleaner.
  • Always wrap silk sarees in pure cotton cloths, to avoid damp smell.
  • In case your saree gets wet, dry it under a shade not in sun, as this may lead to discoloration.
  • To remove stains like oil, lipstick you can apply some talcum powder to the affected area and then clean it with a paper napkin.
  • Do not follow the grandma’s remedy of placing naphthalene balls in the folds, in case of silk sarees. As they may leave stains while evaporating.Image
Care for Crepe/Georgette/Chiffon Apparels
Next on the list, are the most delicate and ethereal fabrics – Crepe, Chiffon and Georgette. Nothing can beat the grace and royalty that flows through these fabrics. Be it the elite sarees or the contemporary suits- chiffon, crepe and georgette rule the zone. Here are some quick tips that will help in keeping them new as ever.
  • Never wash these fabrics as they may either shrink away or loosen up.
  • Try to always get them dry cleaned.
  • Do not get them steam pressed as these fabrics require very low heat.
  • Try to refold them from time to time, in order to avoid ripping on creases.
  • Avoid using too many pins as it may tear up the delicate fabrics.

Care for Sherwanis
Taking care of western and formal apparels might seem easy as they require the 3 step care- washing, drying and ironing but what about ethnic apparels like sherwanis. After shelling out huge sum of money on these, no one can actually afford the thought of getting them spoiled.
  • The foremost thing is keeping them clean. Before locking them in to the cupboards, check if they are clean.
  • Do not wash them at home, opt for dry cleaning.
  • Do not fold them, hang them straight and keep in covers.
  • Depending upon the type of fabric, get them ironed at optimal temperatures.
  • Hang them up on broad hangers so that the shoulders remain stiff.

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