Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fashion Quotient:How to choose the right ethnic wear

Fashion is something that is bound to change and people tend to follow the newer trends that come up. Women love to look gorgeous, which is why they tend to buy lots of clothes whether from shops or from online stores. There are many types of clothes available for women especially for ethnic wear. The question arises here as to which kurti types would be most suited for a particular woman. When selecting any ethnic wear, a woman needs to select the different cuts, colours, styles, lengths that would easily fit them. So, when choosing a kurti, it is necessary to check out the body shape of that person. There are five main body types namely, hourglass, rectangle, pear shaped, apple and inverted triangle body shape. Here, these body shapes have been highlighted along with the various kurti types that would be suitable for them.
Apple shape
Women with apple shaped body have more weight around their mid-part. 
What to wear
1) Dark coloured kurti
2) Cotton and silk made fabrics
3) Kurti with simple a-line
4) V-shaped and embellished neckline
5) Shoulder design having beautiful embroidery
6) Flare and cuff sleeves
What not to wear
1) Don’t wear shapeless or ill-fitted kurti.
2) Ensure that the kurti doesn’t fall away from the tummy or has a yoked style.
3) Avoid wearing patiala and salwars.
Pear shape
Women who have heavier hips and thighs are the ones with a pear shaped body. They also tend to have smaller shoulders. Most Indian women are known to have pear shaped bodies.
What to wear
1) Light coloured kurti with dark coloured patialas
2) Flare styled kurtis or anarkali kurtis
3) Printed and textured kurti
4) Bishop and rouched sleeves
5) Longer length kurtis
What not to wear
Avoid wearing body-hugging fabrics or the ones that highlight your lower half
Inverted triangle-shape
People having large shoulders, broad upper body, skinny thighs are the ones with inverted triangle shaped body.
What to wear
1) Kurtis with soft sleeves
2) Horizontal stripes and prints
3) Kurti that flares at the waist
4) Low U or V-necklines
What not to wear
It is preferable to avoid shoulder pads, high necklines and bulky collar patterns.
Square shape
Square shaped body characterizes same width on the upper body as on the hips. Such women don’t have a curvaceous body.
What to wear
1) Body and deep neck styled kurtas 
2) Define the waist shape with belted kurti
3) Kurti having tighter waist
4) Anarkali styled kurti or heavy fabric
What not to wear
Kurtis with loose fitting are best avoided for this particular body type.
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